NaviMute-box With Audio sense and 4 step volume control

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Product description
“MN” NAVIMUTE-BOX for the Audio2Car cable range
The NAVIMUTE-BOX item no. “MN” is the perfect solution for Navigation Speech in the car speakers. It is compatible with the Audio2Car cable range. The build-in stereo amplifier enables Speech output in maximum 2 speakers channels, for accessories with only a low level Line-out.
Speaker-function: This is achieved by using the relays in the NAVIMUTE-BOX, the radio sound is muted and the sound from the Navigation unit or smart-phone is sent via the build-in amplifier through the cars speakers. This way you will achieve a sound without interference from the car radio.
Power supply of the NAVIMUTE-BOX and NAVIMUTE-BOX audio sources: The NAVIMUTE-BOX is supplied directly from the Audio2Car cable. The optional NAVIMUTE-BOX accessories gives several ways of supplying and charging the Navigation unit or Smart-phone from the Audio2Car cable. This way you can easily supply the NAVIMUTE-BOX and connected Audio sources. This means that cutting ofthe cars wiring loom is minimized.
Mute function: The Navimute can mute left, right or both front speakers. If sound in rear speakers is preferred Audio2Car adaptor AA005 can be used.
Audio inputs The “MN” box has one audio input with Audio sense and is based on a balanced circuitry for improved noise rejection. The Audio source is connected via a 3.5mm Jack connector.
Aux integration: The NAVIMUTE-BOX has no connection to the 4 pin AUX connector on the Audio2Car
harness. If you do not want music to be played by the build-in amplifier then a separate Kram Auxsolution should be used.
Technical Specifications
General Description: CE approved, Amplified mute-box with 2 DPDT relays, Audio sense, and holes for zip-ties.
Amplifier Description: Highly efficient 1x15W Class D amplifier with 4 step volume controland overload protection. Low level balanced Jack input circuits withAudio sense.
Voltage supply range: 10-16V DC. Protected against reversed power supply.
Value below are based on a 12V DC supply.
Load dump protection: Load dump protected according to ISO 7637-2:1990 Pulse 5.
Current usage: <2 mA (passive) / 25 mA (stand by) / 2 A (peak power)
Minimum Fuse size: 3 Amp for constant supply, 1 Amp for Ignition supply
Maximum Fuse size: 7 Amp for constant supply, 5 Amp for Ignition supply
Maximum radio output pr. speaker: 90 Watt RMS / 125 Watt music power @ 4 Ohm (3 Amp relays)
Installation description
1st: Install the Audio2Car cable according to the Audio2Car
instruction sheet.
2nd: Connect the MN box to the 24 pin connector on the
Audio2Car cable with the green, white, gray, and purple
speaker wires.
3rd: Check ignition source. If a true ignition source exists
in the Audio2Car harness the blue ignition wire is as standard connected to this position. If no ignition source is available in the harness the blue ignition wire is connected to
the constant 12v source with a bullet connector. IGNIBOX
item no. “I” can be inserted to create an artificial ignition
source or the blue ignition wire can be disconnected from
the red constant 12v and manually connected to an ignition
source found elsewhere.
4th: Connect the Audio source to the NAVIMUTE-BOX using the jack connector. This input is primarily designed to handle navigation speech.
5th: Choose appropriate dip switch settings.
The MN box includes 8 dip switches to choose preferred function. Always choose the lowest volume
setting of the MN box where the Audio source can reach distortion to avoid excessive noise. Dip
switch function can be seen at the bottom of the page.
Speaker selection:
Sound in left front speaker: DIP 3 = On, DIP 4 = On
Sound in right front speaker: DIP 3 = On, DIP 4 = Off
Sound in both front speakers: DIP 3 = Off
6th: Do a function check. When the Audio source and Audio2Car cable is installed correctly Audio
should be heard in the selected speaker channels.
For troubleshooting see troubleshooting guide on last page.
Function of DIP switches:
DIP 1 = No function
DIP 2 = No function
DIP 3 = Primary input output mode: On: Single speaker mode Off: Two speaker mode
DIP 4 = RHD / LHD (in single speaker mode): On: Right hand drive Off: Left hand drive
DIP 5 = No function
DIP 6 = Audio sensitivity for Audio inputs: On: High sensitivity Off: Low sensitivity
DIP 7 = Amplifier volume: On: + 5 dB Off: No dB is added
DIP 8 = Amplifier volume: On: + 10 dB Off: No dB is added
Always choose the lowest volume setting on MN box where the Audio source can reach distortion to
avoid excessive noise.

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